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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 29, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00 a somber day of remembrance. a live look at the iwo jima memorial and the arlington national cemetery. >> honor the day in d.c. with several events including a parade. good monday morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm maureen umeh in for steve today. >> here's your first look outside. going to be a better day than the left couple of days, you know, if you're not into rain. >> that's true. we had quite a spell of rain. hopefully today will be looking weather. quick check of weather
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traffic with erin, tucker standing by. >> we have low clouds and fog but we're promising sunshine by afternoon. i'll have the details on the weather. how warm will it get? i'll have the answers. erin. >> roads are quiet for the start of our memorial day commute. 395 wide opened. as we take a look at metro they are operating on a sunday schedule. service kicked in this morning at 7:00. operating through midnight. we'll have the very latest on metro delays and the roads. we'll take a look at the memorial day parade in the district as well. back to you. >> all right, thank you erin. on this memorial day we honor our nation's fallen military members. >> there are several events planned across the d.c. region including a traditional tribute from president trump. fox's kristen leon is live with a closer look now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. happy memorial day to you both. soon a variety of people hundreds of volunteers actually are going to be here to be placing roses, decorating roses on the headstones of our fallen milita
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tradition right here in our own backyard in arlington. so, again, this is what they're doing right now to honor those who have fallen. if you want to get involved as well, you can from the hours of right now 7 o'clock to around 11:30 today. there are only so many roses that will be handed out. a couple of thousand. so, again, come down here, wake up if you would like to come and get involved and pay tribute there. also happening today, the memorial day parade will be taking place between 2:00 and 5:00 today and that will be on seventh and constitution. we're also told that they're going to be beefing security in that area so extra police presence will be there as well. and the people we spoke to who plan on attending that parade say they were also told about the extra security. >> i feel safe 'cause i mean, they're there and they're here to protect us and, you know everyone. >> they have a lot of police present and most of the people down here are either patriotic or military
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something like that, so it's pretty safe. >> reporter: later today president trump will also be here at arlington national cemetery for the wreath laying ceremony for the tomb of the unknown soldier so again, that's happening today as well and then following that, we'll also be -- there will be another wreath laying ceremony to honor our women in the military. again, a lot going on here and from all of us here at fox5 morning news, happy memorial day and thank you for your service. >> ♪ >> the tributes to the fallen began last night at the annual memorial day concert. thousands gather odd west lawn of the capitol. actors joe montegna and laurence fishburne hosted this year's show. >> holiday weekend tradition continues as thousands of motorcyclists from around the country rode their bikes into d.c. honoring service members who were killed
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in action. the ride began at the pentagon and ended with a parade in d.c. riders say they're on a very especially mission. >> they are gone but they're not forgotten. let's bring our pow's our mia's, let's bring them home. it's all about our veterans. whether you're serving now or then but especially to bring memory of the people that are forgotten. >> the thunders ride for freedom has been rolling for 30 years. >> president donald trump is addressing another scandal away from memorial day of course involving his son-in-law jared kushner. kushner allegedly made a proposal to the russian ambassador to bypass traditional diplomatic channels. he suggested a secret communications channel between the transition team and russia using russian diplomatic facilities to do it. homeland security secretary john kelly says he doesn't know if those reports are true but describes back channel communications as a good thing. in a tweet yesterday morning, the president says leaks coming out of the white house are "fabricated
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the fake news media works hard at disparaging and demeaning my use of social media because they don't want america to hear the real story ." >> new developments from north korea overnight back at it again with another missile launch. monday's test traveled some 280 miles landing inside a japanese shipping zone. japan's prime minister is calling this launch "absolutely unacceptable quote and is vowing to take action it marks north korea's third missile launch in three weeks and the 12th this year. president trump has been briefed on this latest launch and the u.s. says it tracked this missile and determined it posed no threat to north america. >> new this morning, british police arrested two more people and raided several other locations on sunday as they hunted fork more suspects in the manchester bombing. right now more than a dozen people are in custody for questioning in the terrorist attack that left 22 people dead and more than 100 injured at an ariana grande concert. pop star will perform a benefit concert for the victims on
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>> ♪ >> all right, 7: 05 is our time talking about our weather forecast today. hopeful a nicer day than it was this weekend. i know you guys were talk, about. >> rain, rain, go away. >> that's not going to be hard to do. >> okay. >> it was a pretty rain. >> was it. >> if you were indoors and didn't have plans. >> did you comment to the girls what a beautiful rain. >> i did. >> i can see you doing that, too. >> i did. it was pretty. >> okay. >> glad you had appreciation for it 'cause -- >> i'm the only one. >> judging from the people that were twe tweeting me yesterday it wasn't terribly popular. fog and a leftover shower. we'll see a 20 towards more sunshine. finally you'll be able to barbecue this afternoon. >> okay. >> tweet me tucker fox5 let me know where you're barbecuing and i'll come over. >> you're making promises you can't keep. >> i can try. 62b were. bwi marshall. i might
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graduation party next week. >> you should do sort of like a -- like have people, i don't know, tweet you or something and you pick the person you just kind of show up. >> that sounds like a contest. >> oh and we're not allowed to do contests. >> never mind. >> maureen the prize is me so we might be able to give that away. [laughter] >> satellite and radar, we're cloudy to start your day. we'll clear it out. i'm not going to promise full sun but how about part sun and temperatures 80 to 85 this afternoon? so, much brighter and warmer, too, if you want to hit the pool and it should be dry this afternoon. we have leftover sprinkle out to the west. as then front comes through i think that will be the end of it and we'll be enjoying much brighter weather by afternoon so at least we'll salvage the second half of memorial day. 85 this afternoon. >> thank you tucker. >> sounds good. erin como checking in with you. is there traffic today? >> no. >> not a lot, right. >> not really. but that's okay because we still have important stuff to tell you about. tucktory, about 20 minutes ago he said he was going to come swimming over my place this afternoon and then just like that he
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>> just like a guy. >> thanks tucker. >> right. >> right, maureen? typical move. right now look at this. this is the bottom of the beltway through oxon hill at 210. we are so quiet right now inner loop and outer loop so if you're getting your travel plans early this morning, you're in great ship. bay bridge super quiet. 95 to and from virginia beach quiet. we'll move from that very quiet pleasant live look. if you're working watch for light fog. light patches of fog. metro service for memorial day is adjusted operating on a saturday -- excuse me on a sunday schedule. service kicked in at 7:00 lasting through midnight. trains on off peek fair. free parking at the metro garages. red line wraps up this evening tonight when metro closes. operating right now the red line in two segments between shady grove and noma-gallaudet as well as brookland and glenmont. rhode island station closed. shuttle service is available. safe track work until in
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five stations closed but we have shuttle service available to keep you moving. metrobus on a sunday schedule. metro access all subscription trips canceled. metro customer information call service closed. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll take a look at all the memorial day parade closures in the district next. allison and maureen. >> 7:09. thanks erin. let's head to a developing story out of montgomery county. police there searching for the suspects who assaulted a man at a hotel who'll later died from his injuries. the 24-year-old had been staying in a room at the days inn in silver spring when for unknown reasons went outside to the parking lot around 2:30 on sunday morning. witnesses told meals the man was assaulted by a group of people then. he managed to return to his room and call for help but sadly he did lose his life at the hospital. >> and in the district police are still looking for two gunmen who shot eight people early saturday morning. happened on q street northwest. one of the victims seen right there 32-year-old algernon jones of southeast died of his injuries.
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to recover. police have not said what prompted the shooting. they are, though, offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads them to the people responsible. >> shooting spree in mississippi left eight people dead including a sheriff's deputy. it began with a call about a domestic dispute involving the suspect's estranged wife and her family. authorities say willie corey god tractor-trailer bolt shot three women and deputy william derr. god bolt held a 16-year-old boy during the incident but released him unharmed. he said he didn't intend to police to capture him alive. >> a navy s.e.a.l. plunged to his death. >> this tragedy happened at thousands of people were watching near the statue of liberty. fox's maureen rafferty with the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. military now investigating after tragedy in new york city. >> next
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individual came down like a rock, his parachute folded up and he just -- >> reporter: a navy s.e.a.l. suddenly falling to his death into new york harbor as he was performing a sky diving demonstration in front of thousands of spectators. >> you heard a smack against the water and then we saw a coast guard boat come flying at the area and then a jersey city police boat and then we realized that there was someone in the water. >> reporter: the seal a member of the navy's elite leap frog sky dive team was helping to put on an aerial exhibition as part of new york's annual fleet week. the conthe event show cases wars and thousands of service men and women. but sunday afternoon something went wrong. so far the navy saying only thaseal's parachute "malfunctioned and failed to open properly."
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went one way and the jumper another way. he fell near the mouth of the hudson river. >> all of a sudden every wasn't was enjoying and then changed real quick. >> reporter: the seal was pronounced dead after being pulled out by the u.s. coast guard and rushed to an area hospital. >> and i ask for all of your prayers for the navy s.e.a.l. community who lost a true patriot today. >> reporter: three other members of the team who also lept out over the hudson river were able to make it down to the ground safely. marieian rafferty fox news. >> severe storms rocking the nation. that some is on the move. where it's head and what's in store for your local holiday forecast. >> a special group coming to the rescue to pay their respect to veterans by playing those notes known as a 21 gun salute.
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>> we're back now at 7:14. severe storms on the move this morning after a active weekend. this is branson missouri. authorities recovered two bodies and they're searching for a third person after their vehicle was caught up in that flood waters. two others inside managed to escape. the victims were in town for a basketball tournament. yikes. >> we had some severe weather around here in the last week, so, yeah. >> it poured off and on yesterday. >> rained yesterday. >> okay. >> i know what you're thinking right now. no, actually i don't know what you're thinking. [laughter] >> unless it's weather related then maybe i can guess. you're asking. i going to get sunshine. >> yes, i was. >> i just got a tweet thank you very much from maria out in winchester who said the sun is breaking out. >> okay.
7:16 am
reported for parts of the area. >> i thought you were going to say she was inviting you to her graduation. >> she did not invite me to graduation. she said the sun is coming out you're in the invited to my graduation. >> specifically. >> i'm just kidding. looking at highs 80 or better. maybe we'll get to 85 this afternoon with again the clouds breaking up. i know we got fog across parts of the area. that will be a thing of the past and we'll finally get a nice holiday weather forecast to look forward to. i know the last couple days haven't been perfect but i think by afternoon things should be much improved and we're not going to get any rain later today so that's good news as well. you can see there's a couple light sprinkles out to the west. that's a cold front and as that co comes through that shoud allow us to get some sunshine. partly sunny this afternoon. highs in the mid 80's. tomorrow should be a nice day about 80, might be a scattered storm. most of the week 80 or better here. we're zip tripping to bowie this week on friday. we expect to see you there. >> that should be a good one. >> couple years ago we went there we had a big crowd.
7:17 am
the good news is i'll be sweating starting at 6:00 a.m. >> nice. >> you'll make it. you've got the dry wick fox5 golf shirt. you'll be just fine. >> i've got to wash mine. thanks for reminding some he. >> from last year, hm. >> erin, good morning. >> i think there's a 50-50 chance that shirt is getting washed. >> hm. >> hm. right now look behind me. and there's no traffic. >> i just saw a car. >> ooh, look at you. right now things are moving along without any problems as you make your way out on the around the beltway. not seeing any issues. let's take a look at our maps right now and show you what else you're up against this morning. if you're taking the bay bridge this morning heading to or from the eastern shore, it is wide opened right now, traffic flowing, no issues in annapolis right now either. things looking good in kent island. i'll you know if any of that changes. i anticipate this afternoon especially the evening ride home a lot of extra traffic heading to the district from your holiday travel plans. friday morning commute is nice and quiet as tucker mentioned just a few cars on the road. if you have to head to work this memorial day monday traffic won't slow you down on the way
7:18 am
good. 295 none of those typical delays from 50 on the southbound side down toward pennsylvania avenue. sami story chevy chase nice and quiet problem free in oxon hill. issue free in fairfax. love what we're seeing in reston. maybe pick up someone from the airport traffic won't slow you down on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles t as we look at the memorial day parade schedule, kicks off today at 2:00 but some closures in place as early as 9 o'clock this morning. seventh street between independence of a southwest and pennsylvania avenue northwest, constitution avenue between sixth and ninth and then for the parade closures they kick in around 1 o'clock open up by 5 o'clock. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll value look at metro next. back to you. >> erin thanks. it is 7:18 right now and dozens of lawsuits against metro in d.c. over deadly incident that happened on the metro back in 2015 they've been dismissed. washington post is reporting 25 cases will be dismissed over an electrical malfunction that caused a train to fill with
7:19 am
plaza. the incident killed one person and injured more than 80 others. >> the feds have opened several new investigations into the possible opioid and other drug thefts happening at departments of veterans affairs hospitals. in virginia a nurse who worked there was caught stealing drugs to fuel her opioid condition. and there's countless other situations happening across the country. authorities have opened 36 new investigations into this ongoing problem. >> ♪ >> it is a somber yet recognizable sound taps playing during at the burial ceremony of a military veteran. however, many vets today are buried in silence. that's because they're not enough people to play at every funeral. >> one group is trying to change that to ensure every fallen hero receivers the tribute they do deserve. holly joins us now with
7:20 am
>> it's so beautiful and yet so haunting. >> it is very haunting. >> believe it or not taps is just 24 notes long and while bugle players may be harder to come by, one group is doing its part to really keep this tradition alive. bugles across america was that found in 2000. it's goal to find buglers across the country who are willing to play taps at funerals in their region. since it began the organization has created a database of 5,000 horn players. they range in age from 10 years old to 95. bugles across america has played at more than 20,000 funerals. families can track down a bugler near them on its web site by simply putting in their zip code. one solution though to the lack of bugle players at the growing use of a small electronic box that has taps prerecorded on it. all you have to do is press flyplay to hear the song. for bugle players they argue it robs veterans of the true dignity
7:21 am
play live. >> it's the most haunting 24 notes that a person hears and played correctly, it can make you cry. in the rain, in the snow, i've played in 0 degrees and a hundred degrees and it's all the same. >> an eye opening experience to realize just how many veterans don't have the honor of a live bugler to sound taps. >> the bugle a end orange line capable of playing a few notes and historically had been used almost entirely for military purposes. bugles across america has also teamed up with the wisconsin music company to continue making bugles. the company hand makes all of its bugles. bugles across america does not charge military families for its service. they average about 2300 funerals. >> it is beautiful and haunting. a nice tradition. >> it is. i like that
7:22 am
with the wisconsin company so the bugles are american made as well and i really hope they can keep it going. i understand the prerecorded that's probably better than nothing but live there while you're standing it's a moment and a memory. >> it is. >> thanks holly. >> uh-huh. >> today would have been president john f. kennedy's 100th birthday. coming up, how it's being remembered here locally. >> also ahead the memorial day parade kicking off this afternoon in the nation's capitol. what you need to know if you plan to come on down and watch it. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> back at 7:24. today would have been president john f. kennedy's 100th birthday. the postal service will celebrate his life by dedicateing a new j.f.k. postage in massachusetts. a wreath laying is planned to honor the 35th president at his grave site at arlington national cemetery. >> 7:25. let's get another check on our memorial day forecast. here's tuck. >> good morning. all right. want to show you some temperatures its in the 60's right now and -- there we go 64 degrees. still doing clouds. the rain is for the most part out of here early this morning. i want to mention the cloud cover and the fog that continues. winds out of the east-northeast at five. good news, we'll get sunshine today and more and more of it as the day builds through with a nice clearing trend expected late morning early afternoon. got to get this front east of us. once that pushes through we should start to see the skies break up
7:26 am
sunshine and the temperatures will warm into the low to mid 80's so warmer temperatures on the way as well. and generally a lot to look forward to this afternoon for our memorial day. there's clearing skies in ohio. that should move in later today. we should keep it dry. it was not dry yesterday. we should keep it dry later today. 80 or better all week. we'll warm it up, warm day looks like friday 86 degrees for our zip trip to bowie. okay, erin, hi. >> so normally i do the jam cam here. we still have the great animation. >> but nothing is jammed. >> nothing is jammed. beltway in college park represents all of the district area around maryland and virginia. flowing freely. i like that little animation with the red light. but the good news is nothing is jammed right now. bay bridge is wide opened 270 is wide opened. enjoy the early start to your memorial day commute. i'll let you know if and when that changes. we'll be back in just a few.
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♪ >> we need some better weather than that. this is not that serious. looking at the boardwalk in ocean city. should be a good time. >> yup. >> okay. no? >> memorial day weekend marking the official or the unofficial start to summer. your holiday weather forecast coming up on the 5's at 7:35. >> as we honor our nation's fallen military members on this meme yea day president trump will pay tribute later this morning he will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president will also give a speech attend a ceremony honoring women in the military. >> arlington national cemetery right now volunteers are handing out roses to visitors and military familiar tolls place them at grave sites. nurse will be given out until 11:30 this morning. >> it is the big
7:30 am
parade in the nation. in addition to the thousands of spectator who's will take in the parade, on the national mall this afternoon, it will be broadcast to military service members around the world. >> joining us now from the national archives is one of the people who pulls that parade together. tim hole bert executive director of the american veterans center. tim, good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. is everything on track. tell us about today's festivities. s. >> we're looking great. had great event coming together expecting a couple hundred thousand of our best friends down on constitution avenue. about four or 5,000 people in the parade itself. it's really looking like a great afternoon. we hope people come on out. >> what can people expect when they do come out. what are we going to scene hear? >> society parade is a moving timeline of american military history what we like to call it. paying tribute to fallen heroes from the american revolution all the way to the present day. so we'll have reenactors, hundreds of
7:31 am
duty service members, families of the fallen really trying to tell a story of american sacrifice from our very beginning. >> and you also tim have special guests including celebrities. can you tell us about some of the names of people we'll recognize today. >> grand marshal parade this year film makers ken burns and linda ovic have a great news documentary on the vietnam war coming out. music performances from chris daughtry and five or fighting. some celebrity friends joe mon taken ya, miss america, shields. we mick the military and respect for the holiday with a little bit of fun as well. >> if i'm coming out i want to capture sites and sounds. can i bring my camera? a lawn chairs? what are the do's and don'ts of what i can and can't bring? >> absolutely. bring a camera. bring a lawn chair. grab a great seat along the route. parade starts at 2:00 runs until 4:00 from seven to 17th street along constitution avenue.
7:32 am
afternoon. >> give us some perspective this all just kind of comes together, but we know that you spend months and moss planning. what's the timeline here? will you begin next year's parade preparations right after this one? >> tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> really. >> tomorrow much it's a year long process to pull everything together. i mean when you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of participants we have more than 200 groups in the parade. that are in there. so really you work on it all year round just to come to today. we're just so glad the weather is going to come together. i think we're looking for a great afternoon. we're excited. >> can you just tell us, tim, your personal emotion and what you think about when it comes to planning this parade? >> absolutely. the thing that always strikes me is watching the interactions in the parade between the families of the fallen who participate, we'll have dozens of families of the fallen that help lead the parade as well as the active duty troops and the veterans
7:33 am
seeing that interaction between them and the crowd is always what really gets me most. it's that mutual respect that we see that's always most emotional and, you know, it's been aunt for people to come out shown our gratitude and respect for those who serve and of course for our families of the fallen and those had made the ultimate sacrifice which is really what today is all about. >> indeed it is. what do you hope that someone coming to this, maybe for the first time, takes away from this parade? i know a lot of families it's a time to get out and a nice outing and of course honor veteran. what do you hope that someone a first timer gets from this? >> i think it's just building an appreciation for the meaning of the day, and, you know, memorial day is obviously, you know, the unofficial start of summer, going to the beach, barbeques, pools opening but really just getting appreciation even if it's just, you know, taking a few minutes to think about it. that you know memorial day is that holiday that makes all the other holidays possible. i'm borrowing that line from a good friend joe mon
7:34 am
really true. those sacrifices that our service members have made over the generations are what makes everything else that we have possible. you just take a moment to think about that and appreciate that, that's really all we're asking. >> all right. tim, thanks so much. we know it's going to be successful again this year went thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> amazing. >> 2:00 p.m. today. >> okay. all right. luckily for us the weather will be cooperating for that parade and other things you may have planned for memorial day. tucker barnes with details of our weather. >> maureen, should be getting better and better. lots of sunshine this afternoon. maybe get to 85 if we get bright sunshine we're expecting later today. let's look at numbers. currently 64 in washington. regionally everybody locally at last look was in the low to mid 60s. so we are off to a rather cloudy and in some cases foggy start out there but we are going to report thank you already had tweet from winchester sunshine breaking out and we should see more and more sunshinere
7:35 am
this morning and then gradually turn partly sunny this afternoon and again drier conditions. so if you're going down to the memorial day parade, if you're going to be barbecuing or trying to hit the pool, we should be in good shape for that. regionally new york city 56 this morning. chilly up in boston, 51. okay. here's your satellite/radar. it's generally cloudy across the area. if you are getting sunshine and you want to let me know tucker fox5 is my twitter handle. let me know and i'll give you a shout out. i mean you personal al shout out. like if erin were to tweet me it's partly sunny erin says it's partly sunny. >> yay! >> viewer inter act. >> there you go. >> weak cold front off to the west. get that through here and again we should see improving conditions and finally some sunshine to look forward to. i know we didn't get much yetter. 85 with sunshine by afternoon. all right. erin, are you seeing partly cloudy skies? >> i am. also so quiet on the roads. >> i know. great day. >> really good news if anyone has to head to work today like us. right now we'll take look at the parade
7:36 am
today in d.c. it's in northwest. it kicks off at 2:00 p.m. but closures in place as early as 9:00 a.m. this morning. closures in place parade starts at seventh and constitution. constitution of a diss bands at 18th 23rd street between constitution avenue and virginia avenue. use a lot of caution on the road. watch for pedestrians down there. take your time us a head out and use caution. bay bridge flowing freely right now. no problems to and from the bay bridge quite and in annapolis looking really good. so if you're headed to work today no problems inside the district either. keep in mind metro buses on sunday schedule. metro access all trips canceled and customer information call center closed as for the rails, operating on a sunday schedule, off peak fares in effect and free parking that's good news at the garages. also, some red line on going from the weekend track work. so it's operating in two segments right now between shady grove and noma gallon lou yet brooklyn and glenmont. rhode island station closed but shuttle is service.
7:37 am
orange line. five stations are closed and there's no train service between new carrollton and stadium armory. shuttle service and express shuttle service that connects you to the blue line to get you around that one. as for the rest of your commute memorial day commute look at that wide open. outside and inside the beltway. problem free to and from virginia beach on 95. to and from charlottesville on 66 looking really good. and if you're headed to deep creek for the day 270 northbound quiet southbound side flowing freely. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. you may see increased traffic around arlington national cemetery. we'll keep you posted on the latest thon as well. back to you allison and maureen. >> 7:37. gas prices this morning continue to hold above two bucks a gallon. according to gas the average price of gas is ringing in at $2.37. prices haven't changed from this time last month, but they are up four cents from this last year. u.u ban on laptops from passengers cabins on some international flights may be expanded head of the department of homeland security says the u.s. could soon band
7:38 am
international flights. it's because of the possible threat that terrorists could be hiding bombs inside laptop computers. back in march, u.s. began banning all electronics lar jenn than smart phones in carry on luggage on inbound flights from ten cities mostly in the middle east. update on where things stand with british airlines today. technical outage over the weekend caved caused mass chaos and stranded thousands of passengers. >> the president unleashing several tweets last night talking about health care and tack reform. that's coming up after the break.
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♪ 7:40 now for a third day in a row british airways dealing with widespread disruptions. airlines suffered major computer problem over the weekend leading to hundreds of canceled flights at the busy london heathrow airport hub. the airline is telling travelers to double check to make sure their flights operating before heading to the airport. but this busy memorial day the airline hopes to have a majority of their flights operating. turn now to politic.& president trump is back from his first foreign trip and turning his attention domestic issues. he's calling for more money to be put into the health care system. he tweeted, obama care is dead. the republicans will do much better. so far, republican lawmakers have struggled to meet their promise to repeal recent place obama care. the president says he wants the health care bill to be the best anywhere. he also tweeted the massive tax cuts
7:42 am
submitted is moving along in the process very well. actually ahead of schedule. big benefits to all. so far it's drawn criticism for spending billions less and poe then shallly leaving millions without coverage. >> former fbi director james comey expected to testify on capitol hill this week. he'll tell his side into alleged ties between russian the president's campaign comey will testify to the senate intelligence committee and big question is, did the president ask comey to drop the investigation? recent fox news poll shows that 60% of voters think the president fired comey because the investigation was harming him. still ahead on this memorial day, we'll bring i was first hand account of the pearl harbor tack. >> bob barnard sits down with a survivor who remembers it just like yesterday. that's next. ♪
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7:45 am
♪ >> kind of looks like the same we've been dealing with. >> it doesn't look promising. >> yeah, but -- >> it baguette better. >> um-hmm. >> this is why you sleep in on holiday. you don't have to get up quiet as early, not going to work. >> right. nobody is at that office building or shopping center. >> exactly. >> we're happy to be here. >> yes, we are happy to be here. >> all right. >> i feel very lucky to be here. all right. yes. sunshine in the forecast. in fact by afternoon partly to mostly sunny it should be dry later today. >> good. >> a
7:46 am
been, you know, we haven't had d >> haven't been able to get out and walk. >> right. >> hasn't been much pool time. >> i've broken my vows. >> all thing associated with memorial day. going to parade that kind of thing it should be all systems go here later today. >> okay. >> go for that walk. yes. clouds mixed with sun today. clouds this morning then we'll gradually turn partly sunny this afternoon and we shall be dry later today. it rained for much of yesterday. not expecting that later today. in fact i think most of the rain out of here. all right. afternoon storms possible, there might be a scattered one today. and again tomorrow. the risk of the storms remains through wednesday here and then thursday looks dry for now. i think that headline might have been updated seasons i last used it. all right. let's see. 64 now in washington. 63 in leonardtown. north and west we go. temperatures in the throw mid 60s. everybody in the 60s. i do want to mention low clouds and fog particularly out to the west here. it's been a very, um, cloudy morning here, and we'
7:47 am
moorhouse before we get a chance to clear those to our east. so weak area of low pressure early this morning pushing offshore we're watching this cold front off to the north and west once we get through that the area we shall get a westerly wind an chance to dry things out a little bit and that's when we'll see the clouds start to break up and get in on those partly sunny conditions. so already getting reports out in the mountains thanks i got a tweet from winchester we're getting sunshine we should more and more of la later today. won't be a perfectly sunny day. partly sunny with temperatures in the mid 80s it will feel a lot more summery out there later today. all right. that's an early look at this morning. little warm front the cold front should push thing to the east and we'll be in the 80s around here the neck several days. in fact a nice sort of early summer preview this week with temperatures 80 or better most of the week looks like our warm day on friday when we zip out to bow weevil we're expecting a lot of people to come out seen us in bowie. let's worry about today. 85 with partial sunshine this afternoon. you having fun. >> yeah. >> easy day, right
7:48 am
no complaints. >> right. >> don't jinx me, tucker. >> look at that. >> do you know where that is? >> i'm going to guess. >> take a guess. >> that is 270 south towards maryland. >> it's in maryland you were not totally off this is in calvert ton, 95 at 212. >> thank you. >> between the icc and beltway traffic is very quite. 270 looks the same. the entire stretch. we're seeing no bad traffic. in fact between the baltimore beltway and campbell way on 95. same story on baltimore washington parkway. if you have an early flight to catch airports looking smooth right now. bay bridge is also quiet in both directions. if you're heading back to d.c. from maybe a beautiful little dreary but still you were away at the beach so we'll consider that a win. if you're traveling back home things looking good in both directions and anticipate lot of traffic to pick up on the bay bridge 95 later this afternoon. and this evening but so far so good for the early part of your monday morning commute. there's a look at 270. tucker mentioned wide open problem free
7:49 am
really nice as we make our way out on 66 as well. traffic is at speed from ga gainsville into manassas through centreville getting into fairfax this morning. i'll let you know if and when that changes so far so good on our majors. we have the memorial day parade today in northwest. keep in mind parade closures kick in as errly as 9:00 a.m. lasting through five. the parade itself kicks off at 2:00. the start line is seventh and constitution avenue. proceeds on constitution disbands between 18th and 23rd on constitution and virginia avenue. so just anticipate a lot of extra people in the district today enjoying memorial day give yourself extra time and please use caution a lot of pedestrians walking around as tucker promises sunshine later this afternoon metro bus on sunday schedule. all metro access subscription trips canceled keep in mind operating on sunday schedule for memorial day on all rail service. dealing with safetrack and red line adjustments. any questions erin fox5 dc on twitter. back to you. thank you, erin. among the many veterans in washington to mark this memorial
7:50 am
downing who remembers that day like it was yesterday. not three quarters of a century ago. fox5's bob barnard has his st story. >> you are quite a guy. it's an honor to meet you. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you so much. >> god bless you. [ applause ] report roar he's a living memorial to the attack on pearl harbor. >> good morning. >> you look wonderful. >> thank you for your service, sir. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> thank you. good to see you. >> reporter: long retired navy lieutenant jim downing officially the second oldest pearl harbor survivor. >> i was 28 then. i'm 103 now. >> wow! >> reporter: yes. he's 103. >> everybody that morning around me and i'm sure all over the island were real heroes without any regard for their own life and safety. they did what needed to be done. >> reporter: lieutenant downing says he was about 5 miles away when the japanese attacked pearl harbor the morning of december 7th,
7:51 am
>> i've been married for five months, so married people were allowed to stay a shore overnight. so we were just sitting down that breakfast, and heard these explosions. >> reporter: he says he jumped in car and raced to the harbor. >> of course, the battleship west virginia took nine aerial torpedo. we lost 105 killed that morning. we were right behind the oklahoma which had 429 and right ahead of the arizona which had 1177 that morning. >> reporter: downing says he spent that morning trying to put out fires. >> while i was using a fire hose, i couldn't escape noticing the dead and the wounded lying around. so i thought now the parents will never know what happened to these men. so i memorized, went around memorizing name tags with the idea of writing their parents letters i did telling them abo
7:52 am
>> reporter: jim downing came back state side after the attack on pearl harbor served in the navy for 24 years. he would go on to have six children, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. >> just like all world war ii veterans the pearl harbor survivors are quickly dwindling in number. this memorial to their service and the war dead one of the premier attractions here in our nation's capital. >> visiting from his home in colorado springs, lieutenant downing is in washington for this memorial day weekend. has just written a book called "the other side of infamy". >> yes. i served a bit for my children and grandchildren i've had a very adventurous life. >> reporter: jim downing has worked for a christian minute tree for many years says the horror inflicted on that hawaiian harbor 75 years ago is never far from his memory. >> pearl h
7:53 am
motto, remember pearl harbor, keep america alert. and i entered that keep america alert and strong. >> reporter: and we salute you, lieutenant downing. at the world war ii memorial along the mall in washington, bob barnard, fox5 local news. >> looking sharp in his uniform. >> 103 years old. >> unbelievable. >> can you imagine. >> somebody -- i mean every word that he says needs to be recorded. you know what i mean? the stories he can tell. the ones he is telling thank you so much for your service. wow! thank you. >> thanks bob for bringing thus story. let take a look what's coming up on good day d.c. on this memorial day. of course, we'll keep the memorial day celebrations going. we'll let you know what's going on as we honor our nation's fallen military members. we'll give you a behind the scenes look at today's memorial day parade that's coming up this afternoon in the district when we chat live with two of the parades grand marshals. >> memorial day also means the unofficial start of summer. so we've got you covered for
7:54 am
your summer grilling. chef mel moore will be heating things up for us. also, our stylish friends good to know stylish people tam lee will be here from hush boutique we can't wait to talk about summertime fashion with tam and her tips on what to keep and what to throw out when cleaning out your closet this season. >> also live in the lot of cuteness factor. one maryland animal rescue group is doing its part to help disable pets. how you can toast to the good cause as well. >> that corgi is like might not be me but one of my friends will be here. >> how cute are you? >> super cute. >> writ about now i like to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. good morning to epp eboh and knee. bright eyed and smiling for us this morning. she loves the entire fox5 crew. >> i love her entire outfit. >> right. >> yes. i need that skirt in my life. she visits us every year at one much our zip trips and ebony says this year a little tougher she'll be in wheelchair but she adds that if the good lord is willing she'll be with us at one of our zip
7:55 am
we hope to see you. >> we'll see you. >> you know what, how do we -- we will see her. see you later eboh and knee. >> big congratulations to the maryland's women lacrosse team waking up national championships once again defeating boston college 16-13. carol lean had a great game for the terps with six goals. they finish a perfect season and winning their third ncaa title in four years and 13th ove overall. whatever they're taking give it to the rest of the teams around here. >> go, ladies. it was a late night for nascar fans. the coca-cola sick hundred at charlotte motor speedway didn't end until about 12:30 due to two hour rain delay. things got interesting during the final two lapse. austin dylan passed and out of gassily? me johnson racing in front of the pack to take the checker flag. it's his first nascar cup victory and he also returned the iconic number three chevy to victory lane. that number made famous by the
7:56 am
>> ♪ i always find when i'm racing it's good to take on a guy that's running out of gas, right? [ laughter ] >> well, look a w is a w. that's right. >> that's impressive. i'm going to be working that -- with the disabled pets on fr friday. >> i'm working the event. >> you are? >> yeah. >> that's so good. i can wait. i'm looking forward to meeting them later today. that should be a lot of fun. hey 65 now in washington. winds out of the northeast at five. we're looking at daytime highs believe it or not 80 or better. 80 or better later today. should turn into a nice afternoon i know it's still cloudy and gloomy we'll go partly sunny by afternoon and we should be dry later today. weak cold proper once we get that east of us, our winds will really start to shift out of the west here and dry thing out. so a nicer afternoon for all things related to our memorial day here. so many looks good about 80 and there's the rest of the week. feel summery as we get into early june. can you believe it? early june. all right. erin is going to give update on traffic
7:57 am
going to report there's nothing happening. >> i'm going to give you a report on the traffic that's not on the roads. look at that. that's actually 395. >> that's as quite as it gets. >> by crystal city. isn't that beautiful? >> yeah. >> good news. let's highlight the good news if you actually have to go to work today on memorial day, nothing will slow you down. >> you're not sing in traffic. >> not sitting in if you traffic. enjoy the wide open commute while it lasts. we'll switch it over to our maps. beltway looking good. problem free on 295 in both directions. 66, 95 from fredericksburg on through. enjoy those quiet conditions we anticipate large influx of volume as more folks try to head home for the holiday monday commute. keep it to fox5. we'll be back in just a few. a f. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm holly morris. thanks so much for joining us. happy memorial day to you. >> 8:00 a.m. this monday may 29th. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. developing now, a mystery in the sky a navy seal's parachute fails to open killing him in new york. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what happened. and pausing to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice we've got a preview of several memorial day events being held today. >> plus picnics, party, parades many of you may be feeling a little run down aft the busy
8:01 am
we've got some tips for a quick recovery. >> let's take live look outside. it's not the greatest start, okay. we know that. it's a continuation of not the greatest weekend. but tucker says our afternoon will be better in fact he's going to be back with your memorial day forecast in just about four minutes. ♪ first at 8:00 we honor our nation's fallen military members on this memorial day. >> there are several events planned across the dc region including a traditional tribute from president trump. fox5's kristin leone is live at arlington national cemetery this morning with a closer look. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. happy memorial day to you both. so again we are live here at arlington national cemetery a really special time right now where hundreds of people are gathering here to place and decorate flowers on the headstones of our fallen military and joining me right now is miss amy and you're coming from the memorial day
8:02 am
thank you so much. wanted to talk to you again about how important this event is to you, just tell me about that. >> sure. the first time i met the people from the memorial day flowers foundation, they actually gave me arose to place on my brother's headstone here end died in the iraq war almost ten years ago. and so i think the placing of flowers is really important. it shows someone came by and paid respect to our loved ones and yesterday we placed 140,000 roses throughout the cemetery. >> wow. distribute another 20,000 here today. >> obviously this hits home for you you're wearing, you know, your brothers picture right near you. so tell me about just today as far as, you know, not forgetting those who have fought for our freedoms. made that ultimate sacrifice. >> memorial day used to be known as decoration day and families would go out into cemeteries and decorate grave sights and spent time together remembering their loved ones who had died in military service. and that's just something still very important concept today. we can still honor our loved ones even now.
8:03 am
case so beautiful. tons of people here. really really happy and just excited to again honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice hahn have served you are country. amy, thank you so much. god bless. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> so again this is that's what's going on at arlington national cemetery right now and always couple more events going on today. you can see the boy scouts here also partaking here and handing out the flowers. handing out these roses. and so this is again, what we're -- what we're celebrating today. we are celebrating these men and women who have dedicated their lives for our freedom not just here but overseas. this is what's happening again from all of us here at fox5 local news, god bless and happy memorial day. guys? >> kristin, thank you very much. early check of the weather. >> yeah. >> still a little cloudy and gloomy. i went outside. to not despair. i promise we'll get sunshine today. most importantly we should be
8:04 am
>> what time are we going to see that sun. >> i have reports out in winchester already getting sun. >> nice. >> working west to east. depends where you're watching by late morning early afternoon most of the area will be partly sunny and temperature will jump correspondingly highs in the low to mid 80s later today. 80 to 85. 65 right now at reagan national. dulles 64. up in baltimore, it's 62 d 62 degrees. still clouds and even fog this morning. of course with all the rain we had yesterday get that moisture out of here, and if you look carefully a little line of showers that they're kind of falling apart there holding together in pennsylvania. that's our frontal system. and as that gets east of us, our winds will shift out of the west and we should get a nice drying trend around here atmosphere will dry out little bit and partly sunny this afternoon we should be dry if you're going over to arlington memorial day parade or hanging out at your local pool you haven't been able to spend any time at yet. they open this weekend, right. >> saturday most of them. >> yup. 85 this afternoon. nice afternoon
8:05 am
>> but the water still going to be so cold. yes. well i mean, you know, we're working on that. i know. you're doing the bev you can. >> we appreciate you. >> you're sweet. so erin, i think next time you bobby for a day off. >> i agree. >> hahn holiday clearly not lot of traffic. >> i agree. the good thing is, traffic is really quiet. look behind me little bit of light fog this is 95 by prince william parkway use caution if you hit any low lying fog that could cause visibility problems. but so far so good. as you make your way to the beltway on the northbound side from fredericksburg you're wide open. southbound side all the way to have virginia beach looking good. not necessarily the best day to get in the water but any day by the beach is a good day. we'll show i was look at our maps traffic is really quite right now as you make your way out around the bell way. no problems on 50 issue. traffic quite a cross the bay bridge. nice conditions on gw parkway all of our area bridges are flowing freely. the key bridge, the wilson brush, none of that normal congestion in oxon hill. so if you need to make your way out bound this morning you're in really good
8:06 am
work or start your memorial day travel back to your home area. thing on the way to the airports looking good. we'll take a look at metro and adjustments for the holiday next. back to you guys. good 8:06. developing this morning, elite u.s. naval seal sky diver said dead after a horrifying inc incident. his rah chute failed to open as he was taking part in memorial day weekend display near the statue of liberty in new york harbor. >> what went wrong here? the military is now looking into the mystery. fox's marion rafferty is monitoring the latest. u.s. military now investigating after tragedy in new york city. >> next thing you know, this individual came down like a rock his parachute folded up end just -- >> navy seal suddenly falling to his death in new york harbor performing a skydiving demonstration in front of thousands of spectators. >> you hear a smack against the water and then we saw a
8:07 am
guard boat come flying at the area and then a jersey city police boat and then we realized that there was someone in the water. >> reporter: the seal a member of the navy's elite leap frog sky dive team was helping to put on an aerial exhibition as part of new york' annual fleet week. the event showcases u.s. war ships and thousands of servicemen and women helping the big apple mark memorial day. and remember toes who sacrificed their lives serving their country. but sunday afternoon, something went wrong. so far the navy is saying only that the seal's parachute quote malfunctioned and failed to open properly. >> we saw that the parachute went one way and the jumper went the other way unfortunately. >> reporter: he ultimately fell from a helicopter down to the water near the mouth of the hudson river. >> something everyone wasn't enjoying and change real quick. >> reporter: the seal was pronounced dead after being pull out bite us coast guard and rushed to an area hospital. >> i ask for all of your
8:08 am
lost a true patriot today. >> reporter: three other members of the team who also leapt out over the hudson river were able to make it down to the ground safely. marion rafferty, fox news. >> a shooting spree in mississippi that left eight people dead including a sheriff's deputy began with a call about a domestic dispute involving the suspect's estranged wife and her family. authorities say willie corey gold but -- god bolt shot three women and depth pee william durr response respond to a call in more bodies were found at two separate crime scenes. he held a 16-year-old boy hostage during the incident later released him unharmed. >> this morning's briefing president trump is back from his first foreign trip and he is turning his attention to domestic issues. >> taking to twitter last night, mr. trump is calling for more money to be put into the health care system. he tweeted, obama care is dead. the republicans will do muc
8:09 am
better. so far republican lawmakers have struggled to meet their promise to repeal and replace obama c care. the president says he wants the health care bill to be the best anywhere. so far it's drawn harsh criticism for spending billions less and potentially leaving millions without coverage. white house is staying very quite when it comes to the most recent reports on jared kushner and his contacts with the russian ambassador. before president trump took off kushner made a proposal to the russian ambassador to bypass traditional diplomatic channels and there are also reports kushner failed to disclose phone calls with the ambassador. kushner's attorney says he has quote no recollection of the calls as described. >> we need to get to the bot bot of these allegations but i think there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful. whether he was candid. if not then there's no way he can maintain that kind of a clearance. >> there are many who question if the claims are valid saying the russians are known
8:10 am
false information on channels the us is monitoring in an effort to confuse whom seven listening some are calling kushner security clearance to be suspended. >> brazen move north korea appears to have fired another missile leaning kim jong-un observed leader observed the launch. they claim this is a new type of anti aircraft guided weapon system and experts believe kim ordered the system to be placed throughout the country after weeks of ballistic missile test launches those weapons are designed to reach the united states with nuclear war head. but it's unclear if the north koreans there perfected the technology. british arrested to more people in connection to the deadly bombing at ariana grande concert in manchester. this morning, 14 people remain in custody for questioning. 22 people were killed in the attack and more than 100 were injured. the pop star will headline and host a benefit concert for the victims on june 4th. ♪
8:11 am
stories right now. police in montgomery county working to solve a murder in silver spring. early yesterday morning officers found a man critically injured in his room at the days inn on 13th street in silver spring. we're told group of people attattacked him in parking lot e managed to return to his room to call for help. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. meantime police in the district still looking for two gunmen who shot eight people early saturday morning on q street northwest. one of the victims 32-year-old allegory non jones of southeast. he died of his injuries. the other victims are expected to recover. police haven't said what prompted the shooting. they're offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the people responsible. dozens of lawsuits against metro and d.c. over a deadly incident that happened on the metro back in 2015. they've all been dismissed. the washington post is reporting that 25 cases will be dismissed over license electrical malfunction that caused a train to fill with smoke.
8:12 am
and injured more than 80 others. ahead at 8:00. travel troubles. details on the glitch causing major headaches for british airways. >> a family demanding answers after young boy is sent flying from a slide atwater park in california. more of the heart stopping vitter yo after the break. after.
8:13 am
republican leaders are trying to do this to affordable health care. i'm tom perriello and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that most virginia incomes haven't gone up in 20 years. together, we can stop donald trump,
8:14 am
and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia.
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♪ >> back now 8:14. terrifying moments caught on camera at a california water park after a ten-year-old boy flew off one of the slides as reach the bottom incredibly the boy only suffered minor injuries. the incident happened on the opening day of the new water park. the water slide called the emerald plunge drops riders down at an 80-degree angle. >> we have a height restriction. we're going to evaluate whether or not we need a weight restriction for this slide. we'll work with the manufacturer to determine that. >> the park has closed three of its water slides while it investigates. for third day in a row british airways dealing with widespread disruptions. the airline suffered a major computer problem over the weekend leading to hundreds of canceled flights at the busy london heathrow airport hub. airline is telling travelers to double check to make sure their flight is operating before he
8:16 am
this busy memorial day the airline hopes to have majority of their flights operating of course. >> u.s. ban on laptops from passenger cabins on some international flights may be expanded. the head of the department of homeland security says the u.s. could soon ban laptops from the passenger cabins of all international flights. it's because of the possible threat that terrorist cos be hiding laptops -- excuse me bombs inside of those computers. back in march, the u.s. began banning all electronics larger than smart phones on -- to carry on for your luggage or inbound flights from ten cities mostly in the middle east. ran out of breath. >> yes. hard to talk -- >> it was good. >> those were long sentence. >> yes. 8:16 to our time. >> are you ready for cuteness. >> i couldn't miss it. >> take a deep breath and we'll do cuteness. it's time now for our favorite time of day. you know what time it is. fox5 five cuteness of the day. we got a good one today. >> that is good one. >> perfect. >> all right.
8:17 am
is jp he's two years old. and you can see here he's saluting soldiers take it this is recently at arlington national cemetery. >> look at that bill guy saluting. >> super cute. >> um-hmm. >> perfect for today. >> all right. jp i think your picture says it all. to zen us your child's picture go fox5 d.c. and put it your comment there and we'll try to get your picture up there too just like jp's. >> often you hit it out of the park. today you really did it. >> i want to take full credit for it i want to thank the people that found the picture of jp. >> okay. >> timely. >> yes. >> perfect. all right. let's see. i just posted the forecast for today on twitter and generally being received with great enthusiasm. >> generally? >> yes. >> because we'll get some sunshine. >> yay. >> everybody wants a full day of sunshine. it's cloudy and foggy. hang in there. it good get better and better. >> it's only 8:17. >> 65 in washington. yes, overnight the cloud cover
8:18 am
so we still got a burn that off but little cold front here just out to our west working through the area as we speak should help push things along and once our winds shift out of the east or excuse me out of the west things will get better bender as the day wears on. generally dry this afternoon. we'll turn partly sunny with daytime highs 80 to 85. for your memorial day, things get better and finally we can get to the pool or in if you're headed out to the parade later today it should be fine for that. make sure you protect your skin as the sun angle this time of year the sun is very warm. >> okay. >> won't take long to burn your skin. >> good to know. >> it's been cloudy for the better part of two weeks you might have forgotten. >> what it feels like. >> what can happen very quickly. >> honestly i'm looking forward to finding out. >> not the burn part but how it feels. >> i might even want to be little bit sunburned. [ laughter ] >> thanks, tuck. hey, erin. >> good morning. eight al 18:00. look behind me not a lot of traffic right now. 270 by
8:19 am
the southbound side if you have to work this memorial day you're in great shape. tucker is counting car. >> coolest towns ever bar barnesville. >> that's exactly why i put up this camera for you. northbound side volume light if you're headed to deep creek to enjoy the day. sunshine later. switch it over for a look at our maps. whole lot of green none of that typical morning congestion f you're getting memorial day travel plans started earl this morning you're in pleasant shape. bay bridge commute traffic flowing in both directions no problems in annapolis quite by kent island eastern shore commute looking really good. we have the memorial day parade in the district today. kicks off at 2:00 p.m. but some closures in place as early as 9am. lasting through about 5:00. the parade route starts at seventh and constitution proceeds on constitution disbands about 18th and 23ed other than constitution avenue and virginia avenue. taking metro operating on sunday schedule. service kick in at 7:00. parking is free and off peak fares in effect. any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you guys.
8:20 am
holiday weekend tradition continues. as thousands of motorcyclists from around the country rode their bikes into d.c. honoring service members who were killed or are still missing in act. the ride began at the pentagon and ended with parade in d.c. riders say they're on a very important mission. >> they are gone but they're not forgotten. let's bring our pow's our mism a's let's bring them home. all about our veterans. whether you're serving now or then, especially to bring memory of the people that are forg forgotten. >> the thunders ride for freedom has been rolling for 30 years. artist in virginia beach honoring us military with a huge mural. it's covering several buildings along the ocean front. the work took a couple of months to complete it's drawing people from all over. it's called great america number one our fallen heroes. visitors say it has given them a peaceful place to reflect.
8:21 am
and every time we walked by somebody says something about how beautiful it is. two of my uncles were in the marines. my grandpa was in the army. i want to graduate high school early to be a manny recent or or in the air force. >> it had been peeling away from water damage. 71-year-old army veteran received an extra special honor this memorial day weekend. $10,000 renovations to her detroit home. the group of volunteers made renovations to veterans home as part of sears hero's at home program. teaming up with rebuilding together, they'll perform work inside and outside the home. >> it's our way to service them back and to give them a thanks for all they've done for the country. we've taken down fences today. we're painting we're power washing the house. we've done landscaping. >> i'm just ecstatic. i like what they're doing. >> say you can help support the heroes at
8:22 am
donating at any sears nati nationwide. still ahead a wacky day in the water complete with costumes and homemade boats. but not all of them could actually stay a float. making for some really good laughs, too. we'll have more -- oh and there we go. we'll have more from the wild key west boat race that's after the break. the break. fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection. it delivers amazing new download speeds up to 940 megs.
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♪ ocean city waking up holly. >> yes. >> you know what, this is going to be your day, people. that you've been there all weekend at the beach. >> been kind of mad. you want to be happy. been faking it a little bit because you really wish there was no rain. >> right. >> have you been there holly like on vacation. i'm just grateful i'm off. >> oh, yeah. >> but you try to rationale lies. >> you do. it is good to be off but seriously you're like of all weeks. weekends. >> you look on your little thing and next week it's fine. >> yeah. >> of course. >> when you're leaving it's beautiful like of the people today. >> any way live look at ocean city. folks enjoying themselves on this memorial day. it's an awesome site v a good time, guys. hundreds of spectators gathered for good laughs at key west wacky memorial day tradition. each team built a boat out of plywood some participants decked deck out in costumes to compliment their uniquely themed ships. many capsizing at the starting li
8:26 am
able to complete the course and prices were it ward best paint jobs and sinker award which recognized the least sea worthy vessels. oh, you tried. [ laughter ] >> that's fun. >> ♪ for all watching. >> right. >> not for them. hello. >> you know what i admire their free time because clearly you have to have free time to be able to build a boat. >> or maybe not. >> if it sinks right at the beginning. >> right. then you call a cardboard box. >> um-hmm. >> spray baned cardboard box and put it in the water. we're now 65 at reagan national. we'll warm it up in the low to mid 80s later today. dulles 64 degrees. bwi marshall 62 degrees. i do want to mention the cloud cover out there and still doing fog. i know it looks gloomy. hang in there. by the afternoon we'll be partly sunny. we should be dry later today and there's a little front right here. once we get that east of us, our winds will really pick up out of the west, that will make conditions more comfortable around here. do not did he sa
8:27 am
don't worry. teacher will be back tomorrow. it's memorial day. we've got the day off, erin, how is it looking. >> right now metro is on time except for the adjustments operating on today for the holiday schedule service kick in at 7:00 they're on sunday schedule off peak fares in effect and free parking at metro garages so keep in in mine. dealing with red line delays and safetrack work impacting report ranch line any questions at erin fox5 dc on twitter. metro bus operating on holiday schedule as we take a look at the roads look at that. the inner loop of the beltway and outer loop between the mixing bowl and 66 quiet. really nice conditions if you have to work this memorial day monday traffic won't slow you down on the roads if you are planning getting a start home from memorial day plans right now is the time. back to you guys. >> still ahead all worn out from the holiday weekend? >> we'll talk sunburn, bug bites and even hangovers. you know why? no holiday for the doctor. did the is in. she's going to be here with tips you need for a quick recovery. that's all coming up next. next.
8:28 am
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>> life look at arlington national cemetery this morning. where they are handing out roses for people to go and put on the graves there to help honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. on this memorial day. nice to see a nice crowd going out there and spending their time that way. >> sure is. sure s meanwhile, president john f. kennedy would cele celebrates
8:31 am
100 birthday. to celebrate his life and legacy the us postal service will dedicate a new jfk postage st stamp. meanwhile a wreath laying to honor the 35th president will be held today at his gravesite which of course is at arlington national cemetery. and you may notice a memorial day tribute in restaurants across maryland today. some restaurants will have missing man tables set in their dining rooms. the empty tables serve as reminder of the veterans who host their lives while serving or who are still missing in act. missing man table is permanent place of honor found in military dining facilities. a tradition sen since the end of the vietnam war. ♪ many of you have probably even spending memorial day weekend outdoors or just trying to be outdoors in the rain -- >> looking through the window. >> the thought is, you know, the spirit of outdoors. if you don't have already a few mosquitoes bites, sunburn or hangover there's still time to get all that that. >>o
8:32 am
have the help for you when you are suffering from those mal lad december. >> dr. shilpi agalwar is here for recovery help for common problems that pop up over long holiday weekends or even just the summer in general. so -- >> yup that's right. >> hello. happy memorial day for you. >> happy memorial day. >> thank you for coming in on this holiday. we appreciate it. >> good morning. >> according to tucker maybe not right now we'll get the bug bites get out in the sun when we do get the bug bites, common summer problem, you're going to reach for a couple of different thing. good old school cal la mine lotion helps to stop that itch but then also your hydro cortisone, benadryl anti itch cream will help as well. >> what's the difference between the two? like is one better than the other. >> one use a steroid medication to calm the annapolis and the unother one has products that will sooth it and cool it down. when we used to get chicken pox and stuff no one gets that any more. we used to use that pink stuff. now let's just say you don't have that at home or you're in the kitchen quily
8:33 am
work really really well. dip a tea bag in cold water slap it right on the mosquito bite and it it draws that oh inflammation. it will calm do it unand cool it down. you're not itching any more. >> any kind of tea. >> yeah. >> you drop it in cold water and then on the bite. >> put it right on the bite. >> who knew? >> if you don't have that we always tell people keep aspirin at home grab an aspirin and rub it on there. >> come on shilpi. >> that will stop. you don't need to have all these products. >> did you know that, holdly. >> i did not know about the tea. >> don't want to lose my aspirin i did know about grinding up -- i heard you grind up the aspirin and make a taste. >> you don't need. to use the little tablet and rub it right on especially those big one. little kids you'll see them itching a lot grab the as principal rub it on. it's easier than slattering them on with hydro cortisone. all of those great options to stop the itch. >> mosquitoes are coming. >> they're coming for us. >> sunburn we see it all the time despite saying use
8:34 am
sun gets irritated a little bit burn. use something that has aloe vera or menthol in it to cool down the skin. so aloe gels are great option that green tube you'll often see in the grocery store pick one of those up. another great tip for you guys i always say is buy two of your regular lotion and keep one of them in the fridge because when you pull it out and you put the lotion on, it gives that you great cooling sensation. so you don't always need to use the aloe just that cold lotion will help to calm that irritated red hot skin. >> it will. >> that's good tip. >> what about any of the medicinal properties in the al glow that helps he is special physical it's a deep burn. or a severe, you know, the redness is there. that helps with the throbbing and the aching. but let's let's just say your sin skin is irr irritated or yoe had the chlorine from the pool. not a lot of extra additives and you have it right there. >> um-hmm. >> putting on that cold lotion. >> lotion in the fridge. got it. >> yes. >> all righty. >> then we get bug bites and sunburn, but we get hangover, too. right,
8:35 am
weekend. so there's a few different things that we can try. i always tell people get a healthy meal in the next day even though you're kind of reaching for that greasy food but add in foods that have potassium the body gets really depleted of those potassium minerals and salt. so things like banana and if you're not feeling sweet, sweet potato like a fruit have sweet potato mixed with butter that will help give you potassium that you need. >> i have question. if you know that you'll be drinking like say you're heading into holiday weekend you know you'll be imbibing, is it good idea to eat some before, too? >> these are great foods to put layer into your stomach so you already have and you're notary fleeting as much. banana add to a smoothie. sweet potato add to whatever dinner you're having. reach for b vitamins because those get depleted when you're drinking a lot and urinating a lot you want to get -- help replenish all of those. you can take a couple of aspirin. but what i don't recommend for everybody is doing the whole hair of the dog thing even
8:36 am
have a little bit more because you'll feel better with your -- with a bloody mary. >> the best thing for a hangover is more alcohol. >> it's not. the reason the liver is already working overtime to process everything from the night before. so if you add it you're just kind of prolonging the inevitable. and you're going to feel it later you might worsen your headache and also you're just going to push yourself over the edge. you might start feeling nauseous or dizzy. >> what about drinking water? >> water for sure. >> for sure. >> even some cash bon 98ed beverages had help to you ease that nausea feeling that you have. your best bet is water have something to eat and get some rest. >> and then this always helps. i'm never doing this again. >> yeah. >> in the next weekend. >> until the next time. >> shilpi, thank you. >> thanks for being here today. >> all right. i hope you were listen, tucker. >> you havely i was listening very carefully. bananas can be helpful, right. >> yeah. >> that's what she said. >> good. >> i've never been successful at hair of the dog. that's not highly recommended. 65 in washington. cloud cover
8:37 am
and fog. but guess what? we'll be in for brighter day partial sunshine expexpected later this afternoos our winds will be shifting out of the west here. getting a little frontal system through and things will gra gradually get better and better. i don't want to sell it full sunshine partial sunshine and dry or drier with day times 80 or better we should warm it up as well. there's front dropping through the region you can see we remain mostly cloudy should get sunshine building in later today and partly sunny this afternoon and look at your daytime highs. generally 80 or better. and most importantly dry later today if you'll be out at the parade or attending any memorial day activities. okay. seven day, i'll have it momentarily. this is the last time we get to see erin before pool time! >> right, yes. mike thomas and i will go out to lifetime fitness up in gaithersburg and talk grilling, talk pool safety, and we're going to try to push mike in the pool. who did you that sound. >> that sounds like a great idea. is he going to wear a skimpy outfit. >> he told me -- i
8:38 am
i was going to try to say something clever my hyped went blank. arlington national cemetery delays on the memorial bridge a lot of folks over there handing out roses this morning. so please use caution. some trouble getting there but have some patience. little bit increased volume on george washington parkway as well. a lot of folks heading to arlington national cemetery. bay bridge is nice and quite traffic flowing in both directions very freely. no problem at kent island. if you were at the eastern shore traffic is moving along just fine. might be the time to head home if you hit the road this afternoon or early this evening you may see more congestion. the rest of your hem day day commute traffic quite on the belt wage we have the memorial day parade 2:00 p.m. in northwest kicks off the seventh and constitution avenue and then disdiss 18th and 23rd on constitution and virginia avenue. just watch for lot of pedestrian traffic down there use caution give yourself extra time to get down to the parade and get a good spot along the route. and also if you're taking metro today they did
8:39 am
7:00. off peak fares in effect free parking at metro garages that's good news there. there are adjustments to the red line and orange because of safetrack this morning. and then also some on-going weekend work that's wrapping up tonight for the red line. any questions at erin fox5 dc on twitter. metro bus operating on sunday schedule. nice pleasant memorial day morning commune of the back to you. heart warming print. missouri bride takes her marine veteran uncle to be the something blew at her wedding. >> we'll have more thon very special moment after the break. 8:39 is our time right now. ight.
8:40 am
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♪ welcome back. it is 8:42 on this memorial day 2017. you can see the flag there lowered in honor of our fallen service members today. 64 degrees at 8:42. you may recognize the wedding say something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. instead of getting gifts in a box a missouri bride decided to make her uncle u.s. marine veteran her something blue. she had her uncle her 92 year marine veteran uncle bill evelyn stand guard next to her at the altar on her wedding day. >> 92 and a half years old it's a miracle.
8:43 am
i saw the same loving kindsness in her as i did her mother and her grandmother. i saw the same loving kindsness in her -- >> and her grandmother there. evelyn says that his niece's wedding reminded him of his own wife and daughters and what it felt like to return home after serving time in okinawa and north korea as well. >> perfect. >> so sweet. >> perfect. >> my goodness. all right. time now to check in with wis dollar and maureen to see what's coming on good day dc. hi, guys. >> good morning to you. jam pack memorial day show just a few minutes away from now. of course we will continue to honor our nation's fallen heroes. we're live at arlington national cemetery. several events are planned there all morning long including a tradition for president trump his first memorial day as commander in chief. >> and speaking of first, president trump hot off his first overseas trip but his return met with on-gointu
8:44 am
investigation to his twitter rant about the media. we've got you cover. fresh at 10a1 week after that deadly terror attack at a concert ariana grande takes to instagram for heart warming message to her fans. >> bro biking. if you haven't seen this video you won't want to meet it we'll find out what jimmy fallon and justin timberlake are up to now. >> from barbeques to pool safety we'll be making a big splash on good day. do not miss a minute it. >> sounds good. looking forward to it, guys. thank you. still ahead kevin mccarthy hey, kev.entertainment news.- >> good morning, allison and holly. thank you so much for having me. coming up next is the new number one film in america pirates of caribbean dead men tell no tales. i sit down with two of the leading stars of the film and i also question i've been waiting years to ask. stay tuned for tucker's favorite segment of the day coming up next. ♪
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it's the lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700 plus 36 month financing. ends monday. go to for a store near you. massive brush fire in southern california to tell you about being blamed on a weed wacker. more than 100 firefighters working around the clock get flames under control. it's already burned more than 3s nor businesses have been damaged but several families from have been vac weighed as a prec precaution. >> severe storms on the move this morning after a very active weekend in oklahoma, missouri, arkansas and tennessee. in branson missouri
8:48 am
recovered two bodies and are searching for third person after their vehicle was caught up in flood waters. two others inside managed to escape. the victims were in town for a basketball tournament. oh, boy. your forecast and we promise it's not all rainy. it's coming up in ten seconds. >> all right n fact allison it gets better and better from here. i don't want to over sell it not a perfectly sunny afternoon we shall get some sun mixing in later today and we'll be dry. i think the rain is generally out of here afternoon storm it will be a stray one. if we can get a lot of daytime heating for the most part we should be partly sunny. if you have plans to hit the parade later today or doing barbecue or trying to get to the pool, i think you're in good shape for it. later this week we can have more storms, you know, the run of the mill afternoon storms. we'll have a couple fronts
8:49 am
driest day of the week looks like thursday very pleasant day upper 70s low humidity expected. all right. humid out there this morning. with temperatures in the 60s. haven't budged a lot. a lot of low clouds and fog across the area. 68 in manassas. 64 in annapolis. 63 in leonardtown. mid 60s here frederick 66. 67 if martinsburg. a little bit of sunshine reported out to the west and hoping we get that in here soon enough. and there's weak front right here this been pressing into the area early this morning. as that gets east of us our winds should shift out of the west. our atmosphere will tri out a little bit and we'll see a trend towards more and more sunshine. so a partly sunny afternoon. again pleasant around here with daytime hayes 80 to 85, and i think for the most part we're going to be dry later today. you can still see the clouds there lingering out to the we have. we have some clearing get back into portions of the western pennsylvania and highway. drizzle we're done with the rain showers and
8:50 am
clouds and fog and then 80s expected this afternoon with partial sunshine and we'll do that again tomorrow. tomorrow should be nice day about 80 or so with a chance avenue late day thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. there's your seven day. notice no extreme heat. getting into june bite end of that seven day with temperatures a or below average here. right around average here for the middle and end of the week. 85 some sunshine this afternoon. finally you can get to the pool. kev, you can work on your tan because i know that's important for you. back to you. >> thanks, tucker. the district will host its 13th annual memorial day parade this afternon it begins at 2:00 o'clock along constitution avenue. there will be several street closures in that area and those start at 9:00 o'clock this morning. so that's just ten minutes from now. all roads are expected to be back open, though, around 5:00 o'clock. ♪ a tribute to the fallen last night at the annual memorial day concert.
8:51 am
lawn of the capitol acts joe man taken ya and are lawrence fishburne hosted the show among the performers army and navy bands and choruses. ♪ all right. big holiday weekend good more movies the weather was good for movies. >> yeah, it was. before i get to the interview i do want to mention today is memorial day. five films you should watch. longest day you haven't seen it definitely. full metal jacket. saving private ryan and lone survivor and american sniper films honor our fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect this amazing country just wanted to say. >> also platoon, black hawk down a million of them. >> those are my particular fine. platoon is amazing film. black hawk down as well. >> this weekend pirates of the caribbean dead men tail no tales was the number one film of the weekend in america. i spoke to two of the lead stars about some
8:52 am
moments in the film. one of the actresses told me she broke her arm onset while on the black pearl. i have a question do you recognize this logo? i mean to me this is logo is iconic. when i was a kid jerry bruckheimer i would see that logo in the movies it would zoom in to the tree the lightning would strike the tree then it would bloom. i had the chance to meet jerry bruckheimer the producer of movies i grew on, con air, the rock, bad boys one and two, all the pirates of the caribbean films. i wanted to know the story behind that logo. where did he come up with that and then you'll see him two of the stars from the new movie pair rates of caribbean dead men tail no tales. >> i've been watching your work for years.& the logo is so incredibly epic that lightning. >> cameras soon with the lightning hitting the tree. can you talk about where that& came from. i've been curious what the idea behind that was and who came up with that. >> sure. we have
8:53 am
we had these trees 300 years old. and so we photographed the tree and that's the tree in the logo. but the idea behind it is, you take an idea and it blossoms into something beautiful and that's what the lightning hits you, you come up with an idea and then you have this beautiful tree that blooms and which is really a movie or whatever. >> there's a great scene i think this was the in first that got released in you jail cell and xavier work in as captain system today czar talking to you and there's like that black stuff spewing from his mouth. i wonder if one you're across from xavier doing that scene, can you talk to what was going through your mind. i know you were
8:54 am
it look like for you, were you -- >> it looks like this. >> were you getting spit on? [ laughter ] >> apparently he drank whatever that stuff was and cepit in his mouth. that's amazing. >> yeah. we shot that over the course of i think two days. and, um, eventually my make up would stand right beside me out of camera and come in and -- >> wipe it. >> wax on, wax off. >> from this moment on. >> considering your left hand i'd say we're more than that. >> drop down we see it in the trailer and he catches you. when you film to sequence do you actually really fall through the thing? how has that sequence done. >> i really wanted to do it but i had broken my shoulder the week before. >> are you serious. >> yeah. i was shooting then i'd have a sling in between takes we were trying to save my shoulder as much as possible i stood there watwatching the stunt gal do itd i was really disappointed. >> how did you break your
8:55 am
>> i slipped on the black pole. >> are you serious. >> yes. >> on the actual black pearl. >> when we arrive on the i lapped and i'm running from the bow to the stern and i slipped on one of the steps and fell and caught my arm and my shoulder went pop. >> oh, my god. >> is the actual take in the film. >> no. unfortunately not. >> the character is not meant to fall. >> exactly. it would be a bit weird. >> those are the two leading stars. but again bruckheimer what a legend i remember when him and don simpson used to work together i would see they're names on poster i would immediately go, i want to see that movie because they are behind -- con air and the rock, the rock is one of the greatest movies of all time if you haven't seen that with sean connery and ed harris and nicholas cage. pirates cari caribbean number on america. if you haven't seen it yet it's playing now. those are two leading stars of the film they're both married haven't children by the way. >> that young kid. >> he's married and has a child. >> he's so cute. i loved him. >> brandon. >> save your bardem excellent villain. >> oh, my
8:56 am
>> so scary. >> god, he was like -- whatever that stuff was they were drinking it and he wasn't -- initiately he was supposed to just be on his teeth but he wanted it to like be like raging out of him. >> pretty wild. >> enjoy your morning coffee. [ laughter ] >> at home right now. >> thanks ketch. >> thanks guys. time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. and maybe we'll do that little bit later. all right. we'll be right back. ♪
8:57 am
♪ all right. now it's time to say hello. eye ebony. >> look at her. she's bright, bright eyed and smiling for us this morning. >> ebony loves the entire fox5 crew. she visits us every year at one of our zip trips. we hope to see you again this year ebony we'll be at bowie on friday. >> that ought to be a nice big crowd. okay. 6:57. how about another check of the weather? >> just got report thank you bonnie in centreville that we're get something sunshine. so we're seeing hints of sunshine. >> awesome. >> all right. 66 now in washington. partly sunny this afternoon and dry. finally do the barbecue get to the pool go to the parade it should be nice afternoon quick look at your seven day most of the afternoon dry, 85. so enjoy. >> thank you. >> we'll take it. all right. >> things are looking up on this memorial day. and because good day is next. >> oh, right. >> right. >> it's still bad right now. stay home and watch. get outside later. ♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, president trump is back from his first trip abroad and he's back on twitter. the commander in chief slamming white house leaks and what says are fake news sources and it all comes as ace son-in-law faces new scrutiny for apparently trying to set up secret communication channels with russian officials. roses to remember our fallen military heroes. i'm kristin


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